HRotate 001

HYPE, HRect, HRotate (target, speed, speedRad)

import hype.*;
import hype.extended.behavior.HRotate;

void setup() {

 HDrawable rect1 = H.add(new HRect(100)).rounding(10).anchorAt(H.CENTER).x(125).locAt(H.CENTER_Y).noStroke().fill(#FF9900);
 HDrawable rect2 = H.add(new HRect(100)).rounding(10).anchorAt(H.CENTER).x(width/2).locAt(H.CENTER_Y).noStroke().fill(#FF6600);
 HDrawable rect3 = H.add(new HRect(100)).rounding(10).anchorAt(H.CENTER).x(width-125).locAt(H.CENTER_Y).noStroke().fill(#FF3300);

 // This sets rect1 to rotate 2 degrees every time H.drawStage() is called

 HRotate rot1 = new HRotate(); 2 );

 // There is also a radians version of the speed() method:

 HRotate rot2 = new HRotate(); TWO_PI/90 );

 // Alternatively, you can use HRotate this way: (target, speed)
 new HRotate(rect3, -0.5);

void draw() {

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